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Black Man Grove: Breathless Edition

Concept Illustration for Terence Blanchard & E-Collective Album “Breathless”.

I knew there was only one artist to create the cover “Breathless”; the sculptor, Andrew F. Scott. Of course, growing up with Andrew through our younger days in Brooklyn, and his being a friend since then, I’ve watched his art grow. The midnight talks we had back then, about making art that had meaning and integrity, still resonates.

At one point, when I was struggling with how to explain to the record company the kind of image I would need to wrap together all the subtexts underlying the music, I visited Andrew’s Flickr account. And there it was. But now I’m getting ahead of myself. Terence Blanchard

Multi-Grammy Award-winning trumpeter and film composer Terence Blanchard interviews Sculptor/Artist Andrew F. Scott about his artwork that graces the cover of “Breathless²

Interview was shot on location: New Orleans Museum of Art

The Blanchard Files Video Series