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Build Workshops

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Sculpture As Communal Activity

Build Workshop Portfolio

Cartasia 2012

Follow The Drinking Gourd

A curated portfolio documenting sculpture build workshops.

The Build Workshop is an inter-generational, hands-on building activity designed to engage participants in a collective sculptural experience that leads to a successful tangible result. It brings together participants of all ages, skill levels and abilities in a communal artistic experience.

During the workshop participants engage equally in this activity. The activity focuses on the digital fabrication technique of laser cutting and traditional origami paper folding and slotted construction processes methods to actively engage participants in a meaningful individual and collective creative process.

The communal aspect of the build and the pride of completing a complex sculptural artwork provides an experience that sparks the creative spirit inside our youth. Direct interaction with an artist of color engaged in meaningful creative STEAM activities provides an example to emulate.
Our community needs exposure to technology that connects it with culture and social practice in a meaningful way. Project-based activities are the predominant mode of operation in the modern workplace.