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Graduate Thesis Projects

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Graduate Thesis Projects

Graduate Students

2. Victor Simon, MFA, Fall 2018, InTransformation Transport To Transclusion,

3. Denise Lion, MFA, Spring 2018, Fabricated, Disrupted Data, Hard and Soft

4. Amanada Marder, MFA, Spring 2018, Give or Take

5. Morgan Murphy, MFA, Spring 2018, Nether Neverscape

6. Noe Figeroa: MArch, Spring 2018, The Savannah College of Art and Design, Between Architecture /x/ Sculpture; Understanding Space to Inhabit or Exhibit

7. Sowmya Rajendran, MFA, Spring 2017, Structures in Synthesis

8. Chun-Yi Wu, MFA, Spring 2017, Zodiac of Virtual and Real: An Evolution Of Sculpture Through Digital Fabrication

9. Michael Bradley, MA, Spring 2017, Digital Fabrication of Tonal Instrumentation

10. Elizabeth Trosper MFA, Spring 2016, Body Poems in Suspended Space: Practice-Led Reflections on Contemporary Painting, 

11. Vincenti, Anthony MFA, Spring 2016, “Bardoment”

12. Carleigh Shannon March, Fall 2015, The Savannah College of Art and Design, Acupuncture Architecture and the Power Of a Center For Cooperative Agriculture Exchange