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Omni Hotel

Expanded Cinema IV: Dallas Omni Hotel

Midnight and Samadhi from the Terence Blanchard & E-Collective album “Breathless” Provides the sound that Drives this LED light installation which activates the facade of the iconic Dallas OMNI Hotel. Expanded Cinema IV curated by Justine Ludwig activated the Dallas night sky as the music played over the radio.

Justine Ludwig: Expanded Cinema IV: Curatorial Statement

Expanded Cinema is a program of video artworks wrapping the exterior of the Omni Dallas Hotel, Texas, with audio simulcast by 91.7 KXT. This year’s edition, curated by Justine Ludwig, Director of Exhibitions/Senior Curator at Dallas Contemporary, will consist of works by artists from across the country addressing the inter-relationship of memory and place. Artists include Andrea Sisson, Andrew Scott, Jeff Gibbons, Gregory Ruppe, Jordan Tate, Wyatt Niehaus, Chris Collins, Joey Versoza, Michael Morris, Rick Silva, Darryl Laster, Pierre Krause, and Kris Pierce.

Each piece has been specifically designed for display on the large exterior LEDs on the Omni Hotel Dallas. Expanded Cinema, first presented in 2012, was named the number one art event in Dallas by several local news publications and attracted media attention worldwide. This year, Expanded Cinema will close VideoFest in the week after the festival on Sunday, Oct 25 at 8 pm. This unique public art project has already added cultural prestige to the City of Dallas.

Downtown, Dallas Texas

October 25, 2015