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Quadratic Totem

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Quadratic Totem

ATEC Lecture Hall Atrium

University of Texas at Dallas

Feb 29, 2016.

Quadratic Totem a 360 Degree Projection Mappathon.

Midterm Assignment

Graduate Students in ATEC 6389 Topics in Art and Technology, Projection Mapping Studio produced a 360 degree projection mapping of “Quadratic Totem” as 6’ sculptural form that they designed.

Using Madmapper and Modul8 software students completely mapped video and linear content onto the sculptural form. Students were responsible for calibrating the sculpture using a four-projector setup. Students also used sound controls to effect parameters of the video content.


Philip Barker, Ayaz Ismail, Brittany Jones, Maryam Khoddami, Sarah Larson, Denise Lion, Wafa Mohessin, Morgan Murphy, Nathaniel Propp, Sowmya Rajendran, Wilford Watts, Chun Yi Wu