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See Me As I Am

Projection Mapped Sculpture inspired by the song of the same title by Terence Blanchard from his 2015 album “Breathless”.

Projected images often inform the interactions that occur between American citizens and law enforcement. Often in negative ways and with very deadly consequences. When I heard the song “See Me As I Am” by Terence Blanchard I felt compelled to create a visual metaphor that expressed the invocation of the title, See Me As I Am.

In the work images of unarmed people who lost their lives at the hand of law enforcement are presented as they are, mothers, fathers, children, students, soldiers, teens, people. So often the media projection of these victims strips them of their humanity and dignity so completely that we become numb to the tragedy and implications of their loss to their families and loved ones.

Perhaps, and if for a moment these interactions are informed in this unfiltered way they will begin to be resolved in a more positive manner. Perhaps and if for a moment we will become mobilized collectively so that real change can occur. See Me As I Am.