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Undergraduate Capstone Projects

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Undergraduate Capstone Projects

Undergraduate Students

1. Melanie Estes, Spring BFA Spring 2019, Honors Capstone, Irradiant Cavern. Perot Museum Exhibit Technician

2. Amanda Garrison, BFA Spring 2019, Irradiant Cavern. Events Moderne Dallas

3. David Rake, BFA Spring 2019, Irradiant Cavern. Perot Museum Exhibit Technician

4. Abigail George, BFA Spring 2019, The Art of A Maker

5. Chelsey Suarez, BFA Fall 2018, Inside, Outside, Honors Capstone, Most Unique Use of Technology, Disney Intern

6. James Hoggatt, BFA Summer 2018, Psychedelic Spaceship

7. Darius Williams, BFA Spring 2018, Anatomically Nervous Capstone Project. Reality Capture Specialist, Spatial Acuity

8. Anisha Chaudhary, BFA Spring 2018, Vanity Mirror

9. Travis Fowler, BFA Spring 2017, UTD Mosaic Mural. Permanent Public Art Project

10. Kenneth Kornfield, BFA Spring 2017 , Vitae, Honors Capstone

11. Ashley Goodenough, BFA Fall 2017, A Study of Prostheses and Cosmeses

12. Michelle Ignacz, BFA Fall 2017, Anthropomorphic Centipede: High Poly/Low Poly

13. Alyssa Phillips, BFA Fall 2016, SOLIS SERIES: Introducing LUX. SMU Fab Lab Manager

14. Michael Bradley, Spring 2016, Arcade Cabinet Design. Researcher Northern Virginia.