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Waco Zoo Project

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Riverfront Zoo Project

Creative Waco

Afro Patch Pach

Powder Coated Steel


Afro Patch-Pach PDF

For this project, I will create a pair of sculptures based on linear abstractions of African Elephants found in the Cameron Zoo Collection. The animals that were used in the sculptures were identified through consultation with stakeholders associated with the project. Site visits and interactions with the stakeholders helped to determine the location and appropriate scale of each work. The pair is unified in style while unique in their expression based on the variety and level of abstraction in each sculpture. The sculptures are constructed using powder coated steel.

A computer model of the subject was created and posed to define each sculptural composition. The model was then laser scanned in the computer where the level of abstraction and topology of each subject was determined through a process of NURBS patch surface reduction to determine the appropriate stylistic expression of the work. Lines from These models were then used to create patterns expressed as open linear forms.

The steel lines were drawn in space, bent, welded and attached to bases that will be placed at the appropriate sites along the river walk.